Play nice, play fair

Do you want to enjoy clean and fun poker? Here's how you could:

You should not play too slowly. It is not nice to make other poker players wait. Some found it to be very low to use this strategy to intimidate other poker players.

You should avoid swearing, or trash talking. Poker players who are fond of using harsh words, especially against other players have no room in poker. Remember that each poker player is a different type of person, so others might find it abusive to use foul words. Poker is a game, and it should be enjoyed.

You should not make any unnecessary comments about your hand and the community cards. Avoid this by keeping your silence while in play. However, if you really must acknowledge an opponent's good hand, you could just say "nice hand". In that way, you make friends with other poker players and still do not distract them from their game play and strategy.

You should not abuse the dealer or other poker players. It's not anybody's fault but yours if you are losing. Dealers are trained to give fair and random cards, so do not take it against them if you are getting bad hand consecutively. After all, to be a good poker player, you should be able to play even your worst hands. Another thing, if you're playing in casino, the security people will take you out once you harass their dealers.

You should not slam your chips to the piatto when you are betting. It is rude, and can be considered cheating. You must not blame others if they suspect you of cheating because they couldn't see how much really you have put in the piatto. To avoid this, stack your chips neatly.

You should not leave the poker table to avoid blinds. Although in some types of poker, doing this is legal, you should still avoid doing so as often as you can. If you always avoid the blind, you are only a few steps away from being a cheat. Show them that you are really a good poker player, not just a desperate wanna-be.

You should not hit on other poker players while still playing. Wait until you leave the poker table before you make a move on another poker player that you find attractive or interesting. Some poker players just hit on the others while still in the game just to distract them.